Functional Rules

1. Dress and General Appearance

a. Proper school uniform must be worn at all times except during P.E. classes.

b. School uniform consists of school jumper and school tie, regulation school shirt, conventional school trousers and conventional black school shoes and stockings.

c. Running shoes or gym-shoes may be worn only during P.E. classes.

d. Hair – styles must be neat, clean and conventional, being neither too long nor too  short.

e. The wearing of earrings or similar items of personal adornment is forbidden, as is the wearing of necklaces or obtrusive items of personal jewellery of any kind.

f. The wearing of make-up is not allowed during the school day. At specific school functions senior students only (4th, 5th & 6th year) may be allowed the use of make-up in a discreet manner, with the permission of the year head.

g. Only school jackets or school hooded sweaters are to be worn while attending school. No street-wear is allowed to be worn at the College or at any extra curricular activities.


(i) Rules relating to dress and general appearance also apply to students while they are on lunch-break or while on their way to or from school.

(ii) A written explanation from parent or guardian, entered in the student’s journal, must accompany any failure to wear full school uniform.

(iii) The school authorities reserve the right to define the word “conventional” in the context of the rules outlined above.

2. No student may leave the school premises within the normal school hours without the permission of the Principal or designated person.

3. A written explanation from parent or guardian must be provided in relation to any absence from school. (A telephone call to the school, while appreciated, will not suffice). Such explanations, clearly stating the reason for the student’s absence, must be entered in the appropriate space in the student’s School Journal and should be presented to the Principal, Deputy Principal or Tutor during rollcall on the day of the student’s return to school.

4. A note from a parent or guardian seeking permission for a student to absent himself from classes for part of a school day must also be entered in the appropriate space in the school journal.

5. Students must present themselves punctually for classes and for all school-related activities. Students who arrive late for  classes must present themselves to the office and receive a ‘Late Slip��� before admitted to class. Students who arrive in school after the roll has been taken and who have received a �����������������������������������������������������������������������Late Slip’ must present this slip to the teacher on arrival at class.

6. Possession of alcohol or drugs in the school or while engaged in school-related activities is strictly forbidden.

7. Smoking is forbidden in the school, in the school grounds and in the environs of the school. It is also prohibited during any school – related activities.

8. Students must at all times show respect for school property and for one another’s property. Damage to property must be repaired at the student’s own expense.

9. Students must at all times show respect for the total school environment. In particular, they must not litter their classrooms or recreational areas.

10. Mobile Phones are specifically banned. Violation of this rule will result in the confiscation of the phone for a period of three days or further sanction at the discretion of the teacher.

11. Music recording devices such as MP3’s, IPod’s etc. are not to be used during teaching hours, violation of this rule will result in confiscation of the device for a period of time to be determined at the teachers discretion.

12. The use of chewing ��� gum is forbidden.

13. A student may not visit the toilet between classes without first having secured the permission of the incoming teacher.

14. Students are not normally allowed visit their lockers during class-time.

15. Students may enter and leave the school building only through the designated doorways.

16. The privilege of participating in extra-curricular activities, either as an active participant or as a supporter, may be withdrawn in the case of a student who has an unsatisfactory behaviour record.

17. Each student will be supplied with a School Journal at the beginning of the school year. They must not deface or damage it in any way and must bring it to school every day. Should they lose or mislay the journal, they must replace it at the earliest possible opportunity and pay the appropriate cost of replacement. Students are also reminded of the importance of recording their homework assignments each day in their journals.

The school authorities reserve the right to alter these rules or to introduce new rules during the school year. Students will be notified immediately of such changes.