Youth for Justice Project

Youth for Justice Project 2014 – 2015


St Luke���s Home, Castle Road:

2 Students to visit St Luke’s each Friday afternoon,��2.00pm – 4.00pm to participate in the organised activities in which the residents are involved. The two students will undertake the task for 3 weeks and this rotates every three weeks.

2 Students to visit St Luke’s each Thursday afternoon , 2.00pm – 4.00pm to chat to a specific group of residents to undertake a piece of��oral history research. The two students would undertake this task for one half-term that will then rotate to another two students.

Aisling Centre:    ��     School based:

3 Students to work with the service users of the Aisling Centre each Thursday afternoon ��� 2.00pm ��������� 3.00pm��(approx.), the activities would rotate between Computer Literacy, Art, Home Economics and PE.   A possibility of three sessions of each activity before Christmas – a group of three students will stay with one activity for about three weeks and this will rotate between all the Transition Year students. ��At present I am working on the possibility that the Home Economics section could include one / two of the senior cycle ASD group of students.

Education:     School Based Paired Reading:

2 Transition Year students to accompany 2 First Year students for three weeks in reading and understand simple texts – to happen during one period of English a week.

Class Colm – Tuesday 8.50am – 2 Students from Class Cillian

Class Aodan – Tuesday 10.10am – 2 students from Class Eanna

This Project will begin next week 15th September 2014