Vex Robotics Project

Vex Robotics Competition 2014-15

This year vex robotics are hosting a worldwide competition/project for schools. The project involves a team of students from Nagle Community College building a robot capable of playing a game called vex skyrise.

The Nagle College are proud to be among the many competitors entering the competition. A team of students from 2nd year,3rd year and Transition Year meet regularly after school, as they attempt to build this awesome robot.

The team consists of:

Designers, Builders, Programmers, And Public Relations. This project encourages team-building, problem solving and social skills.

There are many ways to stay up to date with the robots development you can read the monthly Nagle Newsletters and for even more up to date information, don���t hesitate to friend the robot on Facebook.

I would like to take this opportunity as a member of the vex robotics team to thank our sponsors EMC ,vex robotics and also all the staff of the Nagle for there continued support.


Vex Robotics 2013-2014

The Vex Robotics project began back in late October when a  number of students from 1st year, 2nd year and Transition year began work on a Robot soon to become known as ‘Carlos’ which would be competing in an EMC hosted contest in C.I.T in late January. The team had to design, build and program ‘Carlos” to take part in a ‘Robot Wars Football Game’. After a number of tests and adjustments the team was confident that ‘Carlos’ was ready for the tournament.

The team endured much on the tournament day but their hard work was rewarded with a 51-17 point win in the All-Ireland final. After this amazing victory the team was invited to compete in the U.K. championships and although only the Transition years made the trip the rest of the team was with them in spirit. The team and ‘Carlos’ once again gave a great performance finishing 16th out of 40. The project was a great success and the school hopes to continue participating in the contest for years to come.