ASD Programme

ASD Programme

Nagle Community College ASD Programme

Mission Statement

The development of the Nagle Community College ASD Programme is based on the philosophy of educational inclusion such that children with specialised needs receive their education within the least restrictive setting of the schools mainstream classrooms and activities. At the same time students in the ASD Programme can access “homeroom” classes for curricular support, social outings & classes unique to the ASD Programme focusing on each student’s own strengths and needs.


The Nagle Community College ASD Programme was established in September 2008 with an intake of two students along with initial staffing of two teachers and one SNA.

In the intervening years the number of students enrolled in the ASD Programme has increased to our current maximum of twelve students along with seven staff members.

In September 2011 our base classrooms or “homerooms” moved from standard mainstream classrooms which had been adapted to suit our student’s needs into our current purpose built location.

To date nine students, over the last three years, have graduated from the NCC ASD Programme and moved onto further training with COPE Foundation, Cork Association for Autism, National Learning Network, further education colleges and UCC.

What we provide

In the Nagle Community College ASD Programme we provide the opportunity for all of our students to achieve the greatest level of meaningful independence whilst at the same time catering for their educational needs.

Classes take the form of supported/unsupported mainstream inclusion, homerooms classes involving curricular support or classes unique to the ASD Programme such as non-curricular Literacy and Numeracy, Social Skills, Music/Yoga, Personal Care/Occupational Therapy, Cooking etc. and Social Outings into the wider community.

We cater for a wide range of students from those looking to pursue state examinations (Junior Certificate, new Junior Certificate Level Two Award and Leaving Certificate) to those focusing on personal skills aimed at increasing their quality of life, independence and life skills once they graduate from Nagle Community College.


To submit an application or arrange to visit the Nagle Community College ASD Programme please ring 0214358633 and ask to speak to the ASD Programme Coordinator.



Nagle Community College Enrolment Policy

This policy statement was ratified by the Board of Management on (date) and replaces all previous Admissions/Enrolment policies. The policy is available from the school office or can be found on the school website


1.Enrolment of First Years


Each year at the last meeting of the academic year preceding enrolments the Board of Management will decide on a closing date for the receipt of applications for enrolments. Normally the closing date for receipt of applications into first year would be the last Friday of the October prior to the student starting the following September.


Nagle Community College welcomes enrolment applications from students in 6th class of Primary Schools which may be in the locality or elsewhere.


The enrolment process, including the closing date for the receipt of applications, will be made public by the following means:


  • Our school website
  • A letter distributed to all feeder primary schools.
  • On our Open Night.


Parents or Guardians seeking to enrol a child in first year in Nagle Community College are required to return a completed Enrolment Application form to the college before the closing date.


Application forms will be available from the College’s Administration office and will be distributed to Scoil na Croise Naofa, Gaelscoil Mhachan, Scoil Ursula, St Michael’s, Beaumont Boys, Beaumont Girls, Ballintemple National School, Our Lady of Lourdes, St Columba’s Boys, St Columba’s girls.


An Open Night at the college will occur prior to the closing date.


Applications received after the closing date will result in the student’s name being automatically placed on a waiting list. A late application will only be considered when all applications made before the closing date have been processed.


Enrolment procedures are carried out by the Principal and teaching staff.


In the event that the number of children seeking enrolment in any year exceeds the number of places available, children will be prioritized for enrolment using the following criteria and in the following order:


  1. Brothers and sisters of pupils who are currently attending Nagle Community College.
  2. Brothers and sisters of pupils who have attended Nagle Community College.
  3. The children of Nagle Community College staff members.
  4. Sons and/or daughters of past pupils who have attended Nagle Community College
  5. Children who are the eldest in the family and attend one of the named feeder Primary Schools.
  6. Children who are not the eldest in family and attend one of the named feeder Primary Schools.
  7. Children who are residents of the parish (Mahon, Blackrock).
  8. Any applicant not covered within these criteria


If criterion 1 to 8 above have been applied and there continue to be more applicants than places available a lottery draw will take place. This will be overseen by the Chairperson of the Board of Management, and Principals of the local national schools


The named feeder primary schools (in no order of priority) are Scoil na Croise Naofa, Gaelscoil Mhachan, Scoil Ursula, St Michael’s, Beaumont Boys, Beaumont Girls, Ballintemple National School, Our Lady of Lourdes, St Columba’s Boys, St Columba’s girls.


Please note an Assessment test is held for all incoming First Year students. The purpose of this test is to assign each student to appropriate groups for each subject. It is important to note that this test is held after places have been offered to incoming students and therefore has no influence on selection of students for enrolment.


Consideration will only be given to late applications once the initial enrolment process has been completed. If places still remain at this point late applications will be processed using the criteria as outlined above.


In cases where a student has been refused a place in first year in another post primary school or there are matters relating to adequacy of the professional services to meet the needs of the particular applicant, such an application will be referred to the Board of Management for decision.


2.Applications to enrol to other year groups or to first year after the start of the School Year.


Pupils must be applying for enrolment by way of transfer from another post primary school.


The Principal will seek information concerning the student’s previous attendance, behaviour and educational progress to date.


To this end the school will require signed permission from the parents of the student applying allowing our Principal to contact his/her previous school seeking information relevant to the above.


Successful students will be offered a place in the school on a provisional basis initially. During this period (one full school term) the student’s attendance, behaviour and educational progress will be closely monitored.


The student will be offered a place on a permanent basis when the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year head and Class Tutor are satisfied the student’s attendance ​and behaviour are appropriate.


Prospective parents and students should note that Nagle may not be in a position to accommodate the subject choices of a student transferring into the school.


The Board of Management reserves the right to refuse the offer of a place to any applicant on the following basis:


  1. ​That no suitable accommodation/place exists in the year group.


  1. ​That an offer of a place at the time may have a negative impact/outcome on pupils already enrolled in the school.


  1. ​That an offer of a place may have a negative impact/outcome on the pupil himself/herself.


  1. ​That the applicant has been expelled from another Post Primary school.


  1. ​That the applicant has a poor disciplinary record in another school.




(a) Decision of the Principal may be appealed to the Board of Management.


(b) Decisions of the Board of Management may be appealed to the Cork Education Training Board.


(c) If, following the conclusion of the appeal procedures at school/CETB level, a parent/guardian is dissatisfied with the decision made that parent/guardian has a statutory entitlement under section 29 of the Education Act (as amended by Section 4 of the Education (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2007, to appeal that decision to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Skills.


It should be noted that such an appeal must be lodged within 42 days of the schools refusal to enrol.




Enrolment will only be finalised following the completion of the following enrolment procedures:


3.1 Submit a completed application form by requested date.


3.2 Attend enrolment interview as notified.


3.3 Consent to educational records being made available by previous schools and to professional assessment being undertaken and reports provided if requested.


3.4 Attend enrolment assessment tests as arranged.

3.5 Supply enrolment requirements:


  • Signed copy of Code of Behaviour and Discipline
  • Birth Certificate
  • File photographs
  • Administration fee €50. Note this fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from the student activity fee for the following school year


Additionally, for enrolments other than to first year

  • Two most recent term (or similar) reports
  • Reasons for seeking transfer
  • Report from Principal/Director of the last school/centre attended, giving reasons for leaving that school/centre.




All procedures at 4 above to be completed before an application is referred to the Board of Management.