Code of Discipline

Nagle Community College

Coláiste Pobail de Nógla

General Rules For Students

It is the aim of the College to engender in students a sense of respect for each person, and a sense of respect for, and pride in, the College and in the community in which he lives.  In this context each individual’s sense of self-respect and dignity will be enhanced and good behaviour developed.

Each student is expected to attain the highest level of learning possible and to achieve the best results from that learning. Learning will occur as students develop self-control generally, as they pay attention to, and carry out classroom instruction, and as they organise there own work and learning at home.



  1. Students must respect the dignity of each person.  Bullying in any form is forbidden.
  2. College uniforms are to be worn in the College and at College functions.  Students’ uniforms should be neat at all times.
  3. A student who has been absent or late must bring a note from his parent stating the reason for absence or lateness.
  4. Students may not leave the College during school hours without permission from the Principal.
  5. Students’ behaviour at all times and in all circumstances is expected to be in keeping with the good name of the College.  Any form of poor behaviour, such as smoking, or abuse of substances is prohibited on the College premises, in the vicinity of the College and at College functions.
  6. Nagle Community College specifically bans smoking, chewing gum, and unconventional hairstyles, modes of adornment and mobile phones.




  1. Students are expected to co-operate in keeping the College clean and tidy at all times and to co-operate in ensuring general safety in the College environment.
  2. Students should move about the College in an orderly manner, keeping to the left as appropriate.
  3. Students must not delay when going from class to class, and should wait quietly outside the classroom until the teacher gives permission to enter.
  4. Interfering with equipment, furniture and fittings is strictly forbidden.
  5. Students may only enter and use classrooms, assembly areas and toilets as assigned.



  1. A student is given a desk, which is to be kept clean and tidy.
  2. Students must have the required books and equipment for each class.
  3. Homework must be done diligently and fully as assigned.
  4. The homework journal must be signed by parent(s) as directed.