Pastoral Care

Chaplaincy –  Mr Cotter 

The College provides Religious Education. A full time chaplain is appointed to Nagle College and particular attention is paid to students’ moral and personal development.

Chaplaincy is about “being there” with and for all members of the school community. The Chaplain provides a listening presence to individual persons. The Chaplain listens to what is being said and to what the person may be struggling to say. This listening presence is confidential and caring and offers the person the space to work out the space to work out what is best for him / herself. The Chaplain helps the school community to call to mind the faith dimension of life and with the school community celebrates the presence of God among them. The highlights of the Church’s year are marked in an appropriate manner. The Chaplain is there to listen, help, console and comfort when there is tragedy and sorrow and is also there to enable people to celebrate the good things in life.

Home – School – Community – Liaison (HSCL) Mrs Carroll

Nagle Community College offers an education with a difference. At Nagle there are very close and well developed links with the community and more especially with the parents. The atmosphere of co-operation, partnership and indeed friendship between pupils, teachers and parents is most conducive to the healthy development of the student.

Each student is assigned a tutor who meets him and his parents several times a year to discuss his progress. These meetings prove of immense value to students and parents. Indeed the tutors take a very special interest in the students’ ongoing educational and personal development.Our aim at Nagle is the growth and success of the individual student and we are proud of the unique success of this relationship.

In addition to the close ties between totors and parents, Nagle also has a Home School Community Liaison Coordinator whose role is to be a support to parents. The Coordinator gets to know the parents well, visits them at home and then invites them to the Parents’ Room for discussions on topics related to the students’ education. Courses are also organised for parents who want to further their own development and education.The Coordinator is available to parents at any time to talk over issues of concern.

Guidance and Special Assistance at Nagle – Ms Whyte

  • Specialist remedial education is provided to help students overcome learning difficulties.
  • A guidance counsellor helps students with personal or educational problems and choices.
  • Career and further education guidance are part of this very important service to the students